Please follow the steps listed below:


The Volunteer Process

1. Parents should complete a Level I or Level II application, per Volunteer Policy, via the following website: Volunteer Application  **To determine which level you would like to apply for see the FAQ for Volunteers: Volunteer Policy / Website


2. Parents who complete the Level I or Level II application will receive an email detailing next steps, and referring the parents to come to Dawes School with their photo ID. Please see Ms. Biszewski in room 110 with your photo ID.

Please note: Level 2 Volunteers are processed as soon as possible and will receive a letter from Volunteer Programs stating they are approved to start volunteering AFTER they go to the school with their photo ID.


3. Level 1 Volunteers will proceed to the next steps:

- Volunteers will receive the NEW pre-populated Fingerprint Form from Volunteer Programs to take to any Accurate Biometrics location

- They will also receive the TB form, if applicable (5 hours or more per week).


4. Level I volunteers will be instructed to submit their Accurate Biometrics receipt to This will allow Volunteer Programs to track their results.


5. Once all documentation has been submitted, if approved, Level 1 Volunteers will receive an approval letter stating they are cleared to start volunteering.

*CPS completes a background check and will accept or decline a volunteer.

For more information on how to volunteer at Dawes School, please contact Ms. Biszewski in room 110. For additional questions please contact Volunteer Programs at 773-553-1544 or send an email to