Dear Parent/Guardian,

Chicago Public Schools requires that all students are medically prepared to attend school. Our records indicate that your child currently requires the medical documentation indicated below.


Minimum Health Requirements

Child Health Examination Form

Dental Examination Form

Parents of students who  are expected to be transitioning to Grade 6:.

A health examination is required for the next school year. The completed Certificate of Health Examination must be provided to the

School Nurse on the first day of the next school year.


After  9/8/2020 if your child’s school records are not current for immunizations or physical health examinations, they will be

classified as non-compliant, and by 10/15/2020 may be excluded from school.

AllKids medical coverage provides health insurance for children in Illinois, regardless of immigration status. If you would like assistance in acquiring health insurance for your child, please contact  All Kids -


For information regarding access or recommendations to medical services, please contact your School Nurse.

Please note - if your child’s school records are not current for immunizations and/or physical examination,  please follow up with your physician.